– Artist started with 4,500 Facebook Likes
– When Jens was hired, he grew her FB Likes to 62k+
– Started with 25k followers, Haley now has 115k+
– Her followers are a result of campaigns on FB, IG & YouTube

*This created momentum that made Haley notable enough to get verified on IG


– Currently on Facebook, “Hybrid” music video is at 400k+
– Traffic is spilling over to his YouTube & Spotify
– Egypxn gained an extra 50k+ streams via Spotify for his single
– His video gained an extra 45k views via YouTube
– His subscribers from 200 to 2,300

*He’s gaining on average 200+ followers a day on IG


– Currently on IG, 250k+ views for “OPPS” music video
– Currently on YouTube, 879k+ views for “OPPS” music video
– Justin is receiving around 2k daily streams on Spotify
– His IG is growing everyday
– Multiple major labels reach out about doing business

2017 - Present

"No Reunions"

ft. JR Writer x Hell Rell x 40 Cal

321k+ views

"All Yours"

Lyric Video – Haley Smalls

1.5m+ views

"All On Me"

Josh X ft. Rick Ross

4m+ views


JR Writer x 40 Cal x A Mafia x Tom Gist

150k+ views

"On Road"

Haley Smalls

1.8m+ views


Justin Rarri

900k+ views

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